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5 signs you are a med student who needs to start a fitness blog:

1. Your Safari tabs are divided equally among PubMed, UptoDate, BodyBuilding.com, and Muscle and Fitness. 
2. You plan out controlled scientific experiments with Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, and carb cycling. 
3. You are girl-crushing on Neghar Fonooni. Why is she always talking about forgiving herself for being imperfect when her abs are like, freaking perfect? 
4. The only way to truly meditate is to WOD until you are lying on the ground in a puddle of sweat, gasping for breath. So attractive.  
5. You dream of becoming a compassionate healthcare provider. Part of that is seeing the pain of chronic health conditions resulting from lifestyle choices, and wanting to be a healthy example for your future patients (while studying and working all the time).

Check (x5). I'm Arhana, a med student at Stanford, and I started this blog for many reasons--to inspire me to stick more closely to my fitness and health goals, to keep up the practice of writing regularly, and to let friends and family know about the stuff I'm currently obsessed with (hi, Mom and Boyfriend!!).  Most of all, I wanted an outlet for a passion outside of medicine, which tends to be an all-consuming field.  I'm not a fitness professional, but I hope I can give some of you ideas about how to stay balanced, happy, and healthy even when you are crazy busy (and be inspired by your ideas on practicing self-care in return!). 


Squats! Scrubs! (a combo picture is now on my to-do list)


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